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What is Personal Debt Consolidation, why and how it is calculated and who needs to do it

Debt consolidation (or refinancing) simplifies payment management. However, if the interest rate or fee (or both) is higher than before, it may cost more. If you get more loans, you can also get deeper into debt, because it can encourage you to spend more money. Filtering through credit companies to find debt consolidated loans that can provide competitive interest rates for your credit scoring can take a long time. To help you search, we rate credit card companies in the market based on the average ATR. Many credit cardholders choose to use balance transfers to consolidate their debts, but this often runs into the same problem they originally had: high-interest payments on credit cards.

You can use debt consolidation loans to consolidate all existing debts, make them more manageable, and possibly reduce the interest you pay on those debts. Fintomat can easily choose the right debt consolidation loan for you. If you are willing to take control of your financial situation, debt consolidation can be an effective way to simplify the payment process and reduce interest costs. It can also lower your monthly debt payment. Debt consolidation refers to obtaining new loans to pay off other debts and consumer debts. Multiple debts are combined into one large debt, such as a loan that usually has a better repayment period - a lower interest rate, a lower monthly repayment amount, or both.

One way to consolidate credit card debt and other types of debt are with a personal loan. A better debt consolidation loan can consolidate all your debts in one place and is, therefore, easier to manage. They may also offer lower interest rates and fees. Our debt consolidation calculator evaluates options for reducing interest rates and payment terms. With a consolidated loan, you can choose the right amount and maturity that is right for you. If approved, the monthly payments can be repaid by the loan maturity to pay off the consolidated debt. Paying off debt with a low-interest consolidated loan is easier and faster than making a minimum repayment with a credit card. If you need to pool credit card debt or other bills accumulated during the coronavirus crisis, one of these loans may come in handy.

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