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What is Student Loan, why and how it is calculated and who needs to do it

Student loans have become one of the main ways that students and their families can pay for universities. However, while student loans can make college affordable, the amount you borrow now will affect your budget for the years after you graduate or leave school. The credit can be used for professional courses such as medicine, engineering, management, etc. in postgraduate or post-graduate studies at first-class institutions in India and abroad. Credits include tuition, exam fees, library subscriptions, book fees, necessary laboratory tools/equipment, laptops/computers, hotel fees, if any, etc. You can't say exactly how much your student loan is worth, because it largely depends on your income. Instead, we designed this tool to show you the impact of change factors such as income and inflation.

Use the calculator below to estimate student loan repayment according to the standard repayment plan (equal payment). Your interest rate depends on the type of loan and the time of its receipt. Check out one of the other premium student loan calculators to help you understand and evaluate your student loan options. Depending on how you adjust the loan variables, you'll notice the monthly payments, the amount of interest that needs to be paid, and the amount of time it takes to change. If you are a part-time student, you should know how many credits you will be studying and how many full-time students will be studying. Interest begins to be added to your loan from the moment of the first payment.

The calculator will help you understand how student loans are repaid depending on your possible salary. Enter the amount you have borrowed or expect to borrow for a university, graduate student, or professional school in the table below. Use this calculator to estimate the monthly payment on a single federal student loan or private student loan, calculate the total repayment of multiple student loans at different interest rates, or calculate the total interest you will pay. Use this calculator to estimate your monthly loan repayment and view repayment details over the loan term. This loan payment calculator calculates the amount of the monthly loan payment and the annual salary required to manage without much financial difficulty. The loan calculator can be used with federal educational loans (Stafford, Perkins, and PLUS), as well as most private student loans.

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