Fintomat - Personal Financial Assistant

With Fintomat, you can easily deal with any financial issue, make the necessary calculations and the most optimal money decision.


Convenient and understandable tax calculation

You do not need to independently understand all the difficulties of tax legislation in order to calculate the necessary data. We take care of all the incomprehensible moments.

Basic background information on taxes

However, if you still want to learn how to understand this topic, on the page of each calculator there is basic reference information, which will eventually be supplemented with formulas and links to the legal framework.


Getting a loan is a very important event that requires responsibility and good preparation. Make sure that you meet all the criteria to get the required amount, and also calculate which loan will be most beneficial for you, depending on your situation.

  • Loans for all occasions from buying a car to studying
  • Loans for different audiences - from students and parents to veterans and retirees

Salary & Job

Calculators for both employers and employees

It does not matter whether you are looking for information as an owner or manager of a company or as an employee, in any case you can get objective answers to your questions about the job and its monetary component.

Salaries, taxes, checks and deductions

An employee's salary consists of a huge number of components and each of them must be taken into account when making decisions - about getting a job, changing a job, dismissing, retirement, paying deductions and much more.


The world of investment is big and confusing. Even a seasoned professional can make mistakes. Even a beginner can get a big win, including due to the nature of the market, which is completely unpredictable. A mathematical approach to investing and a cold heart can help clarify this storm of events.

  • Investing for professionals, beginners and amateurs
  • Invest both small amounts and whole fortunes, the main thing is to do it in a balanced manner


Doing business has always been challenging, especially now

Are you an entrepreneur struggling with all the vicissitudes of the current volatile market? You certainly need the help of professionals who will help you not to make mistakes and make only the right decisions. What could be more professional than mathematics. Any business always speaks the language of numbers, you can prepare for almost anything if everything is calculated correctly.

Don't be afraid to make decisions. This is the only way you can save your business from collapse and move it forward increasing profits year after year, month after month.


Getting a mortgage is important and responsible in the life of every person or family. Buying your own home, apartment, plot or other real estate is a step towards growing up. Loans for home purchase include many pitfalls and difficulties, which are best dealt with on your own or contact a consultant. In this case, you can get a mortgage on the most favorable terms for you and save your family budget.

  • Find out all about initial fees, rates, terms and payouts
  • For how long to take a mortgage and how often to make a payment to get the minimum interest


This difficult world of finance and money

Money and everything connected with it are so tightly woven into our life that they cover almost every moment of it. Therefore, we could not fit all the tools into certain categories and some got a place in this basket of other things.

Education in finance at the university or for yourself

People often get their financial education at the university. But in the modern world, taking into account all the latest events and trends, people increasingly began to resort to self-education. And learning the basics of the financial system is a good choice in this case.

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